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Broker Control for 3.2.0

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Broker Control for 3.2.0
Broker_Control allows you to easily switch between raid difficulties, looting modes, and loot thrshold without using the cursed right click menu. Also allows for marking friendly and enemy targets with icons in party and raids.

Broker Click options

* Click - ready check
* Alt-Click - Set targets (manually before combat)
* Shift-Click - Convert to raid group

Tooltip Click options

* Party/Raid Difficulty - click to select difficulty
* Loot Threshold - click to select threshold
* Loot Type - click to select loot type
* Icon Priority - left click to make an icon higher in priority and right click to decrease it's priority
* Friendly Icons - target a player (in your group) and click an icon line to automatically place that icon on that player during combat
* Hostile Icons - target a player (in your group) and click an icon line to automatically place that icon on that player's target during combat

You can not assign two icons to the same target or the same icon to a hostile and friendly target at the same time. When you enter combat the icons will all be reapplied throughout the fight according to the interval you set and as the player changes his target for hostile icons. An icon of lower priority will never overwrite an icon of higher priority. ie most groups will have skull be highest priority so nothing can overwrite it.


* Delay - Interval which icons should be reapplied in combat (icons are only applied in combat automatically)
* Tooltip height - set a height if you want to restrict its size otherwise leave at 0
* Show Text - Show broker text for instance size and difficulty (colored by loot threshold)
* Dev mode



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