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Xcalc для 3.1.0

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Xcalc для 3.1.0
Xcalc is a fairly basic calculator that allows mathmatical equations to be entered via the console or by using the GUI calculator interface.

Xcalc is based off of QuickCalc by Mark Ribau. A good portion of the code has been rewritten, and the GUI has been completely rewritten.

Usage slash commands: /xcalc /calc /=

there is a = minimap icon that will all open the GUI interface. also of importance xcalc will rebind your all your numberpad keys to the gui interface when the Gui is open so it is not necessary to bind those keys. the GUI will rebind the numberpad keys back to their original bindings when the window closes. With the GUI open use shift+enter to open the chat dialog, and you can shift+left click on the number window to output that to the chat dialog if it is open.

Xcalc does support computing of expressions from the command line. This is accessed by using the slash commands with the expression after the slash command.

Math operators: + - * / ^ ( )

Special Keyword: ans - Will return the last answer given from using the slash commands

Math Functions: abs() acos() asin() atan() atan2(,) ceil() deg() floor() frexp() ldexp() exp() log() log10() min([,...]) max([,...]) mod(,) rad() random([[,] ]) randomseed() sqrt() cos() sin() tan() Please see https://www.wowwiki.com/World_of_Warcraft_API#Math_Functions for more information on the math functions.

Money strings:

example: /calc 2 + 2 xcalc Result: 2 + 2 = 4

/calc 3.5g xcalc Result: 3.5g = 3g50s

/calc (3.5g + 50s) * 2 xcalc Result: (3.5g + 50s) * 2 = 8g

/calc 4g / 5 xcalc Result: 4g / 5 = 80s



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