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PvPSpec for 3.1.X

Разместил: StarkingКатегория: Аддоны >> Арена, PvP
Размер: 1.87 KBДата: 07.06.2009
Версия файла: PvPSpecИсточник:
PvPSpec for 3.1.X
PvPSpec - automatically makes sure that you do not enter an arena with the wrong dual spec enabled. It is a lightweight (7 KB) addon that will disable the "Enter Battle" button and cast switching to the spec you designate as your pvp spec.

Usage: "/ps" or "/pvpspec" followed by a 1 or 2 for which spec you wish to use. For example "/ps 2" will set your second spec as your pvp spec.

Project Manager: FuryrageKargath



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