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Addon Profiler для 3.1.X

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Addon Profiler для 3.1.X
Addon Profiler - Аддон отслеживающий сколько "жрет" каждый из аддонов за определенное время и какую нагрузку на оперативную память делает каждый из аддонов.
Слеш команды:
/profiler или /ap - вызов, настройка аддона.

Memory and CPU profiling addon, let's you set a period of time in seconds to profile over where it will keep track of total CPU used, CPU used per second as well as (tries) to keep track of how much garbage an addon creates over the duration it is profiling.

Includes an option to group any modules into their parents so you can more accurately see how much addons are really using, if you have addon Orange that lists Apple as a required depedency (And that's its only dependency) then Apple will list its own stats combined with Oranges as well, you can click on the main addon to see what it's modules are using specifically.
Slash commands: /profiler (/ap)



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