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GimmeLoot for 3.1.0

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GimmeLoot for 3.1.0
Gimmeloot Loot System
Designed for those who hate to keep track of points.

--The loot system itself is a penalty based system. Penalties are incurred for certain types of rolls during
the course of a single instance/raid. "Need" WINS are based on a counter, a certain amount of "Need" WINS
are allowed during this penalty set. Once a raid member meets the count of "Need" WINS, their rolls for
"Need" are ignored. "Spec" WINS incur a penalty (in increments of -100) against further rolls. If Gertrude
WINS a "Spec" roll, the next time she rolls for a "Spec" item, 100 is deducted from that roll. "Freerolls" are
just that, no one needs an item, no one has a spec they may want the item for, so it's gonna be disenchanted
or greeded for trash. No penalties are incurred for winning a freeroll.

Note: All penalties are implemented upon the WINNING of an item, not on the rolls for an item.

--Gimmeloot has been designed as a highly customizable system for distributing loot.
--Gimmeloot is designed to function in a raid environment only.
--Customizations can be made for a wide range of loot system needs, from hardcore, to random pugs.
--This system can be used with 3 levels of loot defaulted to "Need", "SPEC", "FREEROLL".
--This system can also be used to do nothing more than announce all the loot available, then track who wins the roll.
--The loot rules are defined by you, within the scope of the addon, and definable in the interface/addons page.
--Gimmeloot allows for you to save penalty set information for multi-day raids. As well as clear the current active set if needed.
--The system allows you to pass penalty set information to another player if necessary.
--Allowances can be made for giving a raid member a little bonus on their next roll, or conversly give them a little negative
bonus if they decide they want to play with their train set in the middle of the Hodir fight.
--This addon is capable of being enabled or disabled as you see fit, no logging out to turn it off.
--This addon currently tracks wins/items in a history table. The history table is currently not viewable. (upcoming version)
--This addon also allows whispered commands to the loot master, please see the minimap icon tooltip and the interface/addon
tab for more details.
--Tooltips for every window and the minimap icon for quick in-game reference
--The interface/addon settings will better allow you to determine what the system can accomplish for you in your raid.

OK, enough with the commercial already, let's get to the meat of the system.
Gimmeloot is comprised of 4 windows, all can be opened independently of the other.
The 4 windows are:

Main window
--Shows what loot is on the mob
--Allows for announcement of all the loot on the mob
--Controls starting/last call/ending of selected loot type rolls

Raid window
--Currently tracks up to 40 man raids
--Shows the members of the raid
--Shows the current roll counts for each member of the raid
--Allows for positive and negative bonus assignment

Win window
--shows the top 5 rollers for the current item winner at the top
--allows for announcing the winner to the raid and the addon itself
(if you don't announce the winner using the addon, the addon doesn't know who won for rollcounts)

--currently allows up to 30 saved penalty sets
--shows all the instance penalty sets available for use
--allows you to create a new penalty set
--allows you to delete out of date penalty sets
--allows you to set the active penalty set
--allows you to transmit the active penalty set to someone else
--if someone sends you a penalty set, it will be shown
here with the ID and the name of the toon that sent it to you

A typical loot session using all portions of the addon, will go as follows:

Kill the boss (always a good idea)
--Lootmaster opens the loot window, as well as the main window of the addon
--Lootmaster opens the win window of the addon
--Lootmaster KEEPS the loot window OPEN until the process is complete
--All loot on the boss is displayed on the main window of the addon
--Lootmaster hits announce loot to post all the loot to a raid warning
--Moving essentially from left, to right, in the addon main window, lootmaster
clicks on the most left button for the item he/she wants to open the roll on
--Raid members roll or not, as rolls happen the win window will start populating
with actual data, as opposed to the placeholder data visible when starting.
--Lootmaster hits the "E" button (second from right) to announce that rolls will be ending soon
on this item.
--Lootmaster hits the "C" button (furthest right) to announce that rolls are closed on this item
--For a winner, lootmaster uses the win window to announce the winner to the raid
--Lootmaster does *NOT* have to give the item to the winner in the Win window. The lootmaster
can give the item to any listed toon in that window. Example: Gertrude wins, but says that Jimmy could
use the item more effectively, feel free to give the item to Jimmy.
--Lootmaster then passes the item out using the in-game loot functions.
--IF no one rolls, the loot master clicks the second from left button, and follows the same format.
--IF your run allows freerolls, the same set can be done yet again for the third from the left button.

NOTE: these can be taken in any order, however the furthest left button is defined in the interface/addon as a "need"
the second from the left is defined in the interface/addon as a Spec, and the third from the left is defined as freeroll.

If you do a freeroll run, just use the button for freerolls, let the addon take care of the announcement, starting/ending the rolls, and
keeping track of who wins.

All comments, bugs, ideas, thoughts, and/or complaints (nicely please) are taken very seriously. We want this system to work
as needed for as many as possible.

Localizations are welcome, write up a file and send it to me, I'll get it in the addon for the next release pending time constraints.

Already on the list fsor addition to the addon
--History viewing and transmission to the raid member. History is already stored from the first raid the addon
is used. Viewing it is currently disabled.
--History cleaning



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